Ethernet Cables in Fujitsu laptops

Wireless Internet is more available today than it was five years ago, but it’s not universal. The office where I work has a public Wi-Fi hotspot, but no behind-the-firewall wireless network. I could use our VPN, but that connection doesn’t give me complete access to my network shares. It’s also very slow.
“Optical transmission are reasonable and easy to handle , but there are still a lot of places where wireless simply can’t do the job, especially when one is in a neighbourhood that has too many wireless interfering with each other, having that Ethernet port is like saving yourself from the mass failure.”

Fujitsu Laptops provide a LAN adapter along with the Ethernet LAN which is an accessory for many users. With Laptops getting thinner and thinner with time Fujitsu Laptops are the ones to look out for in the near future.

Extended LAN Port

Fujitsu Laptops have a slide-out Ethernet connector. It enables LAN Ports & Ethernet cables to connect even in the thinnest and lightest of laptops.


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